iPhone 5: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

The advent of the iPhone 5 is nearly upon us. If you’re a hardcore geek you’ve been tracking rumors and leaked photos since the 4S came out. If you’re a normal person who wants to know what your next phone will be like, we’ve got you covered. Presenting the Top 10 Facts (Based on Credible Rumors) of the iPhone 5.

1. It Gets Unveiled Next Week

It’s all but official that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled next week. Apple’s invitations to a September 12 event in San Francisco show a giant number 5, cast as a shadow by the 12. Clever. And sneaky. See it? See the 5? Awesome, right?

2. It Gets Bigger … and Smaller

Leaked information points to a 5 that is thinner than the 4 but taller, with a bigger screen — likely at least 4 inches (measured diagonally).

3. It Gets Faster

LTE connectivity is widely anticipated for the 5. Apple recently released an LTE-capable iPad, and LTE availability is much more widespread than when the 4S was released.

4. It Gets Stronger

Gone is the glass backplate, replaced by a metal panel that is part of the phone’s aluminum unibody.

5. It’s Gets Prettier, if You Like Two-Tone
In a design detail both aesthetic and functional, the aforementioned metal back of the phone has non-metal strips at the top and bottom to aid reception and provide contrasting coloration. Leaked photos show a white phone with a brushed-metal back and a black phone with a gunmetal-color back.

6. It Gets a New Operating System

iPhone 5 will come with iOS 6, with numerous upgrades including a new iTunes app, a better maps app, and more integration with Facebook.

7. It Gets Better Headphones
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In an evolution from the old earbud design, the new headphones —again, according to leaked photos — have seamless construction and no circular metal grill.

8. Its Headphone Jack is on the Bottom
The iPhone 5’s headphone jack moves to the bottom of the phone. Why? It kind of makes sense to us. When you’re listening to music with the phone in your pocket, and you pull it out, it’s already in the correct position in your hand.

9. Its Dock & Connector Get Smaller

You know that ginormously wide dock and connector on your iPhone and its cable? On the 5 it’s replaced by something much smaller. The cable may or may not exactly resemble this leaked photo.

10. It’s Not the Only New Apple Gadget

A bunch of other Apple stuff will likely share the stage with iPhone 5 at Apple’s Sept. 12 — including new iPods and a smaller iPad.