Paula Deen Sued After Serving Up Too-Salty Videotape

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Paula Deen can seem like a sweet Southern lady on her cooking shows, but the operators of Celebrity Chefs Tour didn’t laugh much when she provided them with a blooper tape too dirty for family listening.

The cooking diva was to give the tour group company with a tape of outtakes from her show, so they could show it before her scheduled appearance on the ship, reports the New York Post. But instead of dishing up her butter-flavored sweetness, she sure served up a salty tape. Here’s some of her choice words, which definitely do not fit the mold of a southern lady:

– She drops the words “motherf*ckers” and “shee–t” throughout the tape.

– She declares to an off-screen worker that a dish smells like a “stinky coochie.”

“You ever smelled a stinky coochie? I know you have.”

– She fumbles around her show’s kitchen set to the musical sounds of someone farting.

– Deen’s talents don’t just lie in cooking. She pretends to perform a blow job on a chocolate eclair, and then hollers “My ass ain’t pretty no more!”

The tour operators decided tape was more laden with expletives than one of Deen’s dishes is with butter, and they refused to show it at a family-themed cooking event — and we’re sure ol’ Paula let the curses fly then.She backed out of the 10-city tour, too, and Gary Ravet, president of Celebrity chefs and his company countersued her for $40 million for breach of contract, after she first sued Ravet for $1.25 million.

Paula Deen, lawsuit, celebrity cook tour

The parties appeared in court Friday, with Ravet saying he hadn’t agreed to a part of the settlement that required him to give Deen back her video. But the Manhattan judge wouldn’t let Ravet back out of the settlement. The terms of the deal were sealed, but Ravet said Deen “paid a lot of money,” exceeding the $300,000 he had spent on legal fees.

Deen’s camp isn’t commenting, but just listening to the announcer in the video shows the blooper clip was intentional.

“Ultimately, it was her special way with words,” the narrator says before a series of curses such as bastard, and of course, the big “F-word” “that endeared her to billions.”

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