SuperDog: Beagle Survives 70-Foot Jump Off Bridge

Courier Post tells the story of Brandi, a SuperDog of sorts complete with the flawed characteristics of your favorite superhero.

Alexis Lorenz, owner of Brandi, said her husband Robert left to walk their two beagles in New Jersey near 8 p.m. and came back later short one Brandi. The 7-year-old beagle apparently went missing during their routine walk along the Burlington Riverfront Promenade.

Robert and Alexis returned to the area to search for the missing Brandi when they were told that the police had spotted Brandi up on the Burlington County Bridge in New Jersey.

Alexis said the beagle was a rescue and lived a fairly traumatic life before being adopted by the Lorenz family, making it extremely nervous around strange faces.

The police had their searchlights out and as police officer Bittner recounts, “There was a car ahead loaded with young kids that couldn’t have been more then 17 or 20 years old. They busted open the door and a young boy tried to grab the dog.” This was too much for Brandi, who panicked and leaped off the bridge into the waters 70 feet below.

Burlington County Bridge

Brandi hit the water running and swam to the shoreline. It took another 45 minutes of searching. Things were looking pretty bleak, so Alexis Lorenz decided to go home and change so she could camp out where the police saw Brandi last.

When Alexis Lorenz returned she says she was surprised, “I pulled up, and in my headlights, there were her eyes glaring at me in the darkness of the night,” recounts Lorenz. “I didn’t want to do anything to scare her, so I slowly grabbed the leash and her treats.”

Lorenz slowly approached Brandi so as to not scare her, “I clipped the leash and that was it,” Lorenz said. “I couldn’t believe it. It was a miracle.”

Brandi is now back at home and after a once-over by the Lorenz family veterinarian, Brandi was confirmed to have no broken bones and only some bruising around her abdomen.

“When you are in this line of work, things don’t always work out for the best, but in this situation we are glad she found the dog,” police office Bittner said.