Turmoil in Mideast Spreads to U.S. Embassy in Yemen

Turmoil Spreads to Yemen

Just two days after the American ambassador in Libya was killed during a protest against a video portraying Islam’s prophet in an unflattering light, turmoil continued to spread in the Mideast Thursday where hundreds of protestors stormed the United States Embassy in Yemen, reports The New York Times.

About five protesters were seen making their way to the embassy inner main gate, where they tried to shatter the windows of the embassy’s front guard post before Yemeni security forces pushed them back. No injuries were reported and none of the protesters were seen to be be armed. Some protesters burned the American flag. According to The New York Times, protesters set ablaze a building inside the compound but were forced to pull back by security officials. Order has since been restored.

The protests came after a Muslim cleric, Abdul Majid al-Zandani urged followers to emulate the protests in Libya and Egypt.

A statement was issued by Mohammed Albasha, spokesman for the Yemeni Embassy in Washington condemning the attack.

“Security services have quickly restored order to the Embassy’s complex. Fortunately no casualties were reported from this chaotic incident. The government of Yemen will honor international obligations to ensure the safety of diplomats and will step up security presence around all foreign missions,” the statement said.

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