• Hachalu Hundessa: 80 Killed, Haile Selassie Statue Smashed in Protest Following the Singer’s Death

    London Protesters have felled a statue of former Ethiopian leader Haile Selassie in a Wimbledon Park following the death of singer Hachalu Hundessa.

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  • Sheila Buck: Peaceful Protester Arrested at Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Sheila Buck was arrested at the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday. The peaceful protester was wearing an "I Can't Breathe" shirt.

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  • Shay Mikalonis: Shot Las Vegas Police Officer Paralyzed from the Neck Down

    Shay Mikalonis, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer who was left in a critical condition after being shot at George Floyd protests, is paralyzed from the neck down and remains on a ventilator.

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  • WATCH: Minneapolis State Patrol Slash the Tires of Cars Near Protests

    Minneapolis law enforcement officers, including state patrol troopers, slashed the tires of several cars, admitted Bruce Gordon, Minnesota's department of public safety spokesman, according to the Star Tribune.

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    Stephanie Rapkin, a 64-year-old white woman and real estate attorney, has been arrested after spitting on a black teenager during a potest in Wisconsin on Saturday.

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  • WATCH: NYPD Arrests Delivery Driver, an Essential Worker, During Protests

    A food delivery man, considered to be an essential worker exempt from curfew, was arrested in New York on June 4, 2020.