Vince Neil Says His Broken Foot Won’t Break the Show Crue’s Vince Neil has fallen again — but this time around he didn’t have a bunch of strippers to break his fall.

Thursday night in Ohio, the veteran rocker fell during a concert, and now he’s hobbling around on a cast and crutches after he broke two bones in his foot. But he swore Saturday in Las Vegas the show will go on.

The veteran rocker and his band are on tour with another legendary rock band, KISS, and Neil isn’t missing a minute. Friday night, the day after he broke his foot, he took a throne chair at center stage for a number of Crue tunes.

It’s not the first time Neil’s fallen on stage. The last time was back in April, he took a header off the stage while he was singing ‘Girls Girls Girls’ at the grand opening of his Las Vegas strip club, which of course bears the same name. (And yep, that’s the video you’re watching here.) He was trying to jump from the stripper’s pole to the stage and fell over — but that time he kept on singing — and the girls were thrilled.

Neil said the Ohio injury happened because he wasn’t told about a change in a finale production number. Doctors put him in a foot and ankle cast on crutches — and knowing Neil, he’ll find some girls to lean on this time too.

“The show must go on. I thank my fans for their support and am sorry to disappoint them with a limited performance. I’m sorry it’s impossible to give them the show they deserve,” Neil said.

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