10-Year-Old Designs Cup for Her Grandpa Who Has Parkinson’s

Kangaroo Cups

We’re pretty jaded here, at the Heavy.com offices. We’ve seen … things. But sometimes there’s something so stunningly good and positive in the world that even we manage to feel something, even though we typically find emotions to be sticky.

A 10-year-old girl named Lilly invented something she calls a Kangaroo Cup, a cup that is designed to make it hard to spill or knock over. She’s currently trying to crowdfund them through IndieGoGo.

Ok, that’s cool and all, but where’s all the heart-tugging, warm gooeyness you promised? I’m getting to that! Be patient, voice in my head.

She came up with this product to help out her grandpa who has Parkinson’s. You can all collectively “awww” now.

She noticed her grandpa kept spilling his coffee because of his tremors and wanted to help. She also noticed her dad spilling his coffee all over his keyboard, but that’s because he’s a clumsy doofus like the rest of us and isn’t heartbreakingly amazing.

The cups themselves can be stacked, they can be re-used, and they make coasters obsolete. The sturdiness/lack of spilling comes from each cup having three legs of support. Also, the rim of the cup curves inward to prevent spilling and splashing.

As a very messy person, this is clearly something anyone can find useful and it can provide more dignity to people who are suffering from serious illnesses. That’s a pretty amazing thing on it’s own. Then you add in the fact that it was born out of a 10-year-old girl’s love for her grandpa and, well, even my sarcasm can’t stand up to that. If you want to help them out or just buy a kangaroo cup for yourself, please click the link above.

And the cups are microwave safe. For more info, check out the video below.

(h/t BoingBoing)

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