50 Foot Dead Finback Whale Found Floating In Boston Harbor [VIDEO]

A 50 foot whale slept with the fishes over the weekend in Boston harbor. The Balaenoptera physalus species did not die in the harbor according to the New England Aquarium who were investigating the death. They reported bruising and pressure lines around the body of the mammal, this indicates that something wrapped itself around the massive whale. Finback’s are second only to Blue Whales in terms of size.

Whales have been seen from time to time in sheltered harbors like Boston’s but a dead one washing up is unusual.

“It’s not rare to see a whale in the Boston Harbor, but it’s rare to see a dead whale in the Boston Harbor,” said Brian Fleming, command duty officer with the U.S. Coast Guard in Boston. “The majority of these cases happen out to sea.”

Officials have indicated that the whale could have died due to any number causes from disease or something as simple as being been struck by a vessel. Experts are also unsure as to whether or not the markings on the animal came from before or after its death.

State police in Massachusetts spotted the floating whale at about 3 am on Sunday morning. The tide had brought it within a hundred or so yards from the shore back into Boston harbor.

With the man responsible for most dead bodies in Boston Harbor, Whitey Bulger, now in custody  police in Massachusetts are likely to be scratching their heads over this one.

Via Boston Globe

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