Amtrak Derails in California: 40-plus Hurt as Big Rig Strikes Train

amtrak derail big rig california

A big rig collided with an Amtrak passenger train today south of Hanford, California, injuring some 40 people including the driver of the truck.

The Freso Bee reports the wreck happened at 12:20 p.m. Pacific time. There is limited information about the nature of passenger injuries, but it’s known that the truck driver was pinned in his cab.

amtrak derail california big rig

KFSN reports at 40-50 injuries of varying severity and describes the scene like this:

One train car has derailed and two other cars are at a 45 degree angle at 10th Avenue and Kansas Avenue near Hanford, according to the Kings County Fire Department.

The train was carrying some 150 passengers. KFSN reports 80 emergency personnel on the scene.

KMPH got this photo of the big rig on its side:

amtrak derail california

News reporter Diane Tuazon (@dianetuazon) tweeted this photo:

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