Entire Italian City Government Fired for Ties to Mob

We’ve all heard about government officials being canned from time to time due to corrupt practices, but CBS News reports a record new development – an entire CITY government fired for ties to the mafia.

Reggio Calabria

The decision came Tuesday after a thorough investigation following last year’s arrest of a city counselor due to allegations of mafia connections and was announced by Interior Minister Annamaria Cancellieri. Home of powerful crime syndicates, the city of Reggio Calabria is a provincial capital on Italy’s southern coast and is infamous for its connections to organized crime.

The decision to dissolve the entire city’s government on corruption charges was a difficult one as this is the largest city government to face such action to date (previously only smaller city governments had been dissolved). In order to maintain operations of the city a temporary government of three appointed commissioners will run the city until elections in a year and a half.

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