Fake Official-Looking Letters Tell Florida Voters They Can’t Vote

florida voter fraud

The FBI is probing a rash of bogus letters sent to voters in Florida telling them they’re ineligible to vote.

NBC reports the fraudulent, official-looking letters were sent to 28 Florida counties beginning last Friday.

“We’re taking it as a serious situation,” FBI spokesman David Couvertier tells NBC. “We’re looking at everything from civil rights violations to election fraud — to everything in between.”

As many as 100 of the letters have been reported so far.

The letters question the voters’ citizenship and suggest they have information “bringing into doubt your eligibility as a registered voter.” The letters pose as being sent from actual election supervisors in the crucial swing state.

The letters warn that failure to fill out an eligibility form will induce “the removal of your name from the voter registration rolls and you will no longer be eligible to vote. … A non-registered voter who casts a vote in the state of Florida may be subject to arrest, imprisonment, and/or other criminal sanctions.”

The website 270towin provides this graphic representation of recent presidential election results in Florida and current polling:

florida voter fraud 2012

Florida decided the 2000 election between George Bush and Al Gore when results were called into question, leading to a contentious legal battle and recount that delayed the naming of a winner.

The Obama campaign this week invoked the infamous recount to spur voter interest.

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