• Timothy Klausutis, Lori Klausutis’ Husband, Asks Twitter To Delete Trump Posts

    Timothy John Klausutis is an engineering researcher and the widower of Lori Kaye Klausutis, a former employee of current "Morning Joe" MSNBC co-host and then-Congressman, Joe Scarborough.

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  • Aldo Ripley, Husband Of Accused Murderer Patricia Ripley, Says He Doesn’t Believe His Wife Killed Their Son

  • Florida Fire Maps: Track Fires Near Me Today [May 23]

  • Florida’s Patricia Ripley Case Has Similarities To Susan Smith Murders

    The Miami Herald has noted that Ripley's case is similar to the 1995 case of Susan Leigh Smith, who was convicted of killing her two children after concocting an abduction story involving a black man who carjacked her.

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  • Pensacola, Florida, Gunman Mohammed Alshamrani Link to Al-Qaida Found

    Mohammed Alshamrani was the Pensacola, Florida gunman who committed the mass shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station. Now authorities say he's tied to Al Qaeda.

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    Supreme Patty, well-known for his Instagram personality, has been arrested in Florida on Saturday.

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  • Dexter Rentz Jr.: Orlando Football Player Killed in Shooting

  • LPB Poody Shot: Orlando Rapper Wounded in Shooting

  • More Florida Beaches to Reopen Amid Continuing Coronavirus Spread

  • LOOK: Crowds Gather at Jacksonville Beach in Florida After Reopening

    Jacksonville, Florida beaches reopened today as the state relaxed some of its stay-at-home restrictions.

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  • Dr. Theresa Greene: Florida Doctor Loses Custody of Child Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

    Dr. Theresa Greene is the Florida ER doctor who has lost custody of her child to her ex-husband, Eric Greene. Dr. Greene says she has tested negative for coronavirus.