N. Korean Army Minister Executed with MORTAR for Getting Drunk & Not Mourning Kim Jong-il

kim jong-un executes minister mortar

Kim Jong-un ordered executioners to leave no trace — not even the hair.

On the orders of Kim Jong-un, North Korean army vice-minister Kim Chol was obliterated with a mortar round as punishment for drinking and partying while he should have been mourning the late leader Kim Jong-il.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Jong-un — the son of Jong-il who took the nation’s helm when his dad died — demanded that Chol’s execution leave “no trace of him behind, down to his hair.”

Chol was placed on a predetermined target and then destroyed by a mortar.

He was seized earlier this year for the crime of enjoying himself during a period prescribed for mourning Kim Jong-il.

According to the Herald, Chol is the latest military official wiped out by Jong-un’s mission to cleanse the army of threats to his authority. Some 14 officials have been snubbed out this year, the Herald writes:

“When Kim Jong-un became North Korean leader following the mourning period for his father in late December, high-ranking military officers started disappearing,” a source told the Chosun Ilbo newspaper.