Rescuers Worry People Aren’t Taking Evacuation Orders Seriously

Hurricane Sandy, evacuation orders

Emergency officials are worried people aren’t taking the threat of Hurricane Sandy seriously enough because of its low category rating.

Sandy is a huge storm with Category 1 level sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. The problem is, though, people hear the words “Category 1” and think that means the storm isn’t every serious. But this one isn’t just about the wind, but the accompanying heavy rains and storm surge it will bring.

“There are a lot of folks out there who feel if it’s not a Category 3 or higher, they tend to dismiss it,” says Julia Jarema of the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management. “Hurricane Sandy is a huge storm. We want them to take it seriously.”

In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie has called for mandatory evacuations on the state’s outer areas, and ordered the Atlantic City casinos closed down. However, in Cape May and other towns, residents and business owners are staying. Lisa Theimer, an innkeeper, said last year she evacuated to Philadelphia but was battered by the storm there.

I have no desire to go up north where they might have snow. And how far south do I have to go? Tennessee? I don’t think so. This house has been standing here since 1897. I suspect she’ll still be standing.

And New Yorkers Saturday didn’t seem much concerned about the subways flooding, with many out doing their last minute Halloween shopping. Many said they think New York City is more hurricane-proof than inland areas, and they think they’ll be safer there.

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