WATCH: Black Marlin 1, Fishermen, 0 —Huge Fish Leaps On Boat

A group of sport fishermen, out for a day of fishing off the coast of Cairns, Australia, got more than they bargained for when a 600-pound black marlin jumped and landed on their boat.

The men, out on the Little Audrey, which goes out for game fishing charters, had hooked the huge fish and were trying to land it, when the fish came alongside the boat and flipped up on board, knocking over a couple of the guys and sending a chair flying through the air to smack one of them in the head.

Despite the mayhem, the crew escaped with only minor injuries, and they released the marlin so he could go wreak some more havoc on guys out for a day of fishing. Maybe they should have jumped from a helicopter to catch it instead!

(And props to the people who made this video for adding Danger Zone as the soundtrack. There’s no such thing as too many cheesy Top Gun references, is there?)

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