Woman Dead After ‘Beauty Treatment’

According to CNN a Hong Kong woman died today after suffering from septic shock, a condition she developed following a “beauty treatment” at a clinic in Hong Kong. Three other women are currently hospitalized and in serious condition.

The women, unnamed, all went to the famous DR Beauty Clinic in Hong Kong and were reportedly referred to doctors who gave them a treatment normally only reserved for cancer sufferers known as DC-CIK – a process in which blood is taken from a patient, concentrated and processed, and then re-injected back into the patient’s system. The blood infusions contained high concentrations of a common bacteria which, once re-injected back into the body, proceeded to infect their internal organs and send their whole bodies into shock.

According to doctors in the report there is no actual medical foundation for why this process would be used for a beauty treatment, and police have not made any arrests as of yet or comments as to who they feel may be responsible for the death and illness of the three others. There wasn’t any indication that the women were suffering from cancer either, with the woman who recently passed away at the age of 46 having been described as being in good health prior to the DC-CIK procedure.

The clinic remains open, serving nearly 1,000 people each day, though they have been ordered to halt the procedure while the investigation is underway.

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