Disgraced BBC Host Jimmy Savile Demanded Girls as Payment for Event

Jimmy Savile, BBC, sicko

It’s not like disgraced BBC TV star Jimmy Savile’s love of young girls should be any surprise – way back in 1974 he wrote in his memoir about the time he spent the night in a tent on a hillside with girls he demanded and got as “payment” for being in a charity event.

Savile, in his 1974 book As it Happens, wrote in his book about how he and the girls, all wearing matching mini-skirts and white boots, “fell about and over each other, making enough noise to wake the dead.” Also in the book, Savile, who died last year in Leeds at 84, recalled being recognized on a beach by a girl who started taking off her swimsuit for him, leaving him “wringing wet with heat and temptation”, until her parents walked in, the Daily Mail is reporting.

In the case of the girls in a tent, Savile apparently told a council chairman wanted the village’s annual mayor’s ball to become a youth dance, because the event only brought in a few hundred people in the past.

Savile wrote he told the chairman:

I will come if you will arrange for me to sleep in a tent up the local hillside with another tent alongside with six girls to sleep there as my bodyguards….My demands really put the dance on the map and 2,000 tickets went like hot cakes. My ultimatum of “no tents, no girls, no me” meant the council had to go through with it.

He claimed hundreds of girls applied for the honor and the council members called a special meeting to decide which girls to use. Savile said the girls were “good enough to eat” and he had an “incredible evening,” even though one girl’s father realized what was happening and took his daughter home.

Jimmy Savile, Prince Charles, sicko, BBC

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times had some more shocking revelations, including saying Savile and Prince Charles were so close, he advised him about appointing Sir Christopher Airy as his private secretary in 1990.

The story said the prince, who is next in line for the throne, met former major-general Airy before he was offered the post, and a source told the paper:

Savile was in and out of the palace at that time pretty frequently. His bling and his tracksuits made him rather unconventional and I think that was appealing to Prince Charles.

And ex-royal press secretary Dickie Arbiter said Savile was even brought in to help “fix” the Prince Charles-Lady Diana marriage.

In another shocking revelation, Savile is being reported to even having a link to the Yorkshire Ripper, with the serial killer’s third victim Irene Richardson murdered near his Leeds home.

Jimmy Savile, Yorkshire Ripper, pedophile, BBC, sicko

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, at left, meets boxing legend Frank Bruno, right, after being introduced to him in the Broadmoor hospital by Jimmy Saville, center.
The encounter happened when Bruno was at the top-security hospital to open a gym.

That may have been a coincindence, but Savile was also a regular visitor to the Broadmoor psychiatric hospital and befriended the Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe, now 66, after he was moved there, and Britain’s top expert on serial killers said police should investigate if the two were friends before Sutcliffe was arrested.

Expert David Wilson says it’s not that far-fetched that the two men may have had a connection:

Predatory pedophiles and serial killers are the awful products of common forces which, in their case, were allowed to develop unchecked. Savile and Sutcliffe came from the same area and some of Sutcliffe’s crimes took place very close to where Savile lived. Both inhabited a world where men were encouraged to take what they wanted by force and where girls and women were seen as things to be used and then discarded. They used sex and violence instead of intimacy to express their inner demons — the need to be powerful and to control girls and women.