First Openly Gay Senator Elected

Just to add to this year’s steady string of “firsts”, Pop2it reports Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin successfully took the senate seat to become the first openly gay senator in history.

After candidates raised at least $65 million for their campaigns, Baldwin won out in one of the most expensive senate races in Wisconsin’s history.

During the whole campaign process against former governor Tommy Thompson her sexual orientation was never apparently an issue, yet her support for Obama’s health care plan was. Nevertheless Baldwin still won out pulling in 51.5% of the votes verses Thompson’s 45.9%.

To help add even more to the success of openly gay politicians in Wisconsin, Mark Pocan was also elected to the House from Wisconsin’s 2nd District in a landslide victory of 68% to 32%.

Coupled with the widespread passing of same sex marriage laws this development has really come as a boon to many people across the country.

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