Halle Berry Child Abuse Probe: Is Daughter Safe after Bloody T-Day Brawl?

halle berry nahla child abuse

The Thanksgiving Day brawl between Halle Berry‘s ex and her boyfriend has prompted the L.A. County Department of Child Protective Services to reopen a probe into the welfare of Halle’s 4-year-old daughter, Nahla.

Nahla’s dad, Gabriel Aubry, was picking up his daughter when he got into a pissing match with Halle’s new man, Olivier Martinez, and ended up getting his ass thrashed — suffering a broken rib and busted face — before landing himself in jail.

halle berry child abuse

Halle and Gabriel.

And though Halle grabbed Nahla and removed her from the fray, the girl was witness to the fight’s beginning. Now RadarOnline reports the government is investigating because there’s been “a history of allegations of physical abuse.”

Aubrey is out on bail, and Halle has obtained a temporary restraining order following the T-Day rumble.

halle berry child abuse

Gabriel and Nahla.

Radar’s source says she and both men will be interviewed by child-welfare officials to “ensure that Nahla’s environment is safe.”

halle berry child abuse

Halle and Olivier.

In January, Aubrey, a Canadian model, allegedly shoved Nahla’s nanny while she was holding the child.

TMZ obtained the police report from that incident:

Halle and Gabriel suffered a bitter breakup and aired the dirty laundry of their custody battle in the press. Gabriel was accused of being a “vindictive” man who called Berry the N-word and a “f**king bitch.”

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