Hostess Talks Break Down – Bye Bye Twinkies After All?

We reported earlier that Twinkies may be able to survive the collapse of Hostess after all as the makers of one of America’s favorite fattening foods entered into discussion with its labor unions. Unfortunately as BBC reports these talks have recently broken down, and our little yellow logs of goodness may be going the way of the dinosaurs after all.

While on Monday Hostess was ordered by courts to seek out talks with its union reps recent news from Hostess spokespeople say that they were “unsuccessful” but were unable to say more.

What does this mean for our snacks?

Hostess is set to enter into bankruptcy talks on Wednesday still, with the potential for other buyers still out there to take over many of the iconic brand names. While it’s still not certain what may happen in the long-run, for now fans may need to be on the lookout for alternative junk food should a worst case scenario occur.

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