PHOTO: President Obama and McKayla Maroney Are Not Impressed

President Obama and McKayla Maroney Not Impressed

The Fierce Five, America’s wonderful and lovable women’s gymnastics team from the 2012 London Olympics, reunited recently in Washington DC to meet the president. Turns out President Obama spent the olympics the same way most of us did: googling the latest memes and complaining about NBC’s coverage. (Well, probably not that last part, he probably got the BBC stream).

Anyway, the result was this amazing picture of the President of the United Stated of motherbleeping America doing the “McKayla’s not impressed” meme pose with McKayla Maroney. Bam!

Oh hey, Mitt Romney? Barack’s not impressed.

If you don’t remember the Fierce Five because hey why should you be expected to remember anything before the Petraeus scandal, thinking is hard, and you’re sleepy anyway, the close-knit American women’s gymnastics team won gold at the Olympics this summer and they provided many memorable pictures along the way.

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