Police Say College Student Was Raping his Classmates’ Kids

Babysitter, rapist, child molester

Would you let this guy babysit your kids?

Well, Alexander Richter is in jail now, but police are accusing him of molesting six young children and videotaping it under such titles as “Monster Unleashed.”

He was attending a technical college in Wisconsin, but now he’s facing 49 felony charges after he volunteered to babysit his classmates’ children and allegedly had sex with the young boys and girls, or made them perform sex acts on each other. Police have identified six of the children in his videos and pictures they seized from his house near Milwaukee, and they think there’s probably more children involved.

Richter is facing charges of first-degree sexual assault of a child under 13, sexual exploitation of a child and possession of kiddie porn. He’ll be in jail a while unless someone wants to sign off on his $1.5 million bond.

Police say he approached one classmate last year and babysat her kids, a boy aged 6 and a four-year-old girl and filmed various sex acts involving them. The news came out last month when the boy, now 7, touched another kid inappropriately and told his mother that was how “Alex” touched him and his sister.

When detectives came after Richter, he told them “I’ll save you time, the things you are looking for are under the coffee table,” and officers seized several DVDs, a tripod, cameras and a hard drive. The videos showed Richter having sex with the brother and sister and several other kids, and in some of the footage the kids are crying and telling Richter to stop and trying to fight him off. You name the act, this guy is accused of doing it to the kids under his care.

Authorities are trying to find out if Richter shared the videos with other pervs.

“A number of investigators and officers have children,” the police sergeant said, “and we certainly investigate as if our own children were involved.”

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