‘Price is Right’ Beauty, Fired for Pregnancy, Wins $775,000 in Suit

A Price is Right beauty who claimed she was fired for getting pregnant and harassed with insults like “wide load coming through” has won her lawsuit.

And for Brandi Cochran, TMZ reports, the price was very right: $775,000.

A jury today decided for Cochran — a former Miss USA (’97) and Miss Teen USA (’89) — in a showcase showdown that began when Cochran filed suit after she was fired in February 2010.

The suit alleged behavior from harassment to underemployment to her ultimate termination. Cochran’s ordeal spanned two pregnancies — one that ended in miscarriage and a second in which she carried twins, one of whom died in utero.

Some lowlights from her experience, as conveyed in the suit:

Here’s the full complaint:

A judge removed CBS from the lawsuit in September, reports Aol Jobs:

Cochran’s suit was filed back in 2010 against CBS Corp., FremantleMedia Ltd., and The Price is Right Productions Inc. Superior Court Judge Kevin Brazile dropped CBS from the suit back in September, citing the television network’s lack of involvement in staffing decisions for the show.