Real Transformer RC Car Available for Christmas

Ready for a Christmas treat? The Daily Mail reports that Kenji Ishida, a robot enthusiast, has done it – an RC car that can transform into a robot at the push of a button and back again to drive away.

Not only does the robot fully function in both car AND robot form it also can shoot projectiles out of its “hands” when in robot form and let you see just where you’re going thanks to a built-in wifi camera in its front grill.

All in all: One of this year’s most AWESOME toys to hit the markets.

The downside of it all is that only a limited production of 10 will be for sale this round, with this initial test-run being used for a production research targeting a 2030 full release of high-tech toys for kids young and old alike (and maybe even working full-sized cars by then).

The bottom line – if you want one, try to get it now before they’re all snatched up.