Romney Gets ZERO of 19,605 Votes in 59 Philly Voting Divisions


The City of Brotherly Love had absolutely no love for Mitt Romney. None.

We posted three months ago that according to a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, Mitt Romney had zero percent support among African-Americans.

And now, reports that in 59 voting divisions on Philadelphia, Romney received a grand total of zero votes. Zero.

Again, wow. Still hilarious.

Not exactly shocking either. Big, urban cities are typically chock full of Democrats, and easier to organize than rural areas where people live far apart from each other. These sections of Philly are almost exclusively black communities, and unofficial vote tallies show Obama outscored Romney by 19,605 to 0. Not a contrarian in the bunch.

obama laughs

Well, at least these numbers let Republicans speculate about voter fraud, despite the lack of any evidence. They seem to be good at that.

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