Saturday Night Live Skewers Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley

Paula Broadwell, Jill Kelley, Saturday Night Live, Gen. David Petraeus, David Petraeus affair, Gen. John Allen

You knew it was only a matter of time before the whole sordid David Petraeus mess ended up on Saturday Night Live, and last night was the night.

The show opened by parodying CSPAN’s “Booknotes,” with an actress playing Petraeus mistress Paula Broadwell reading out loud from her biography of the general. Problem was, the excerpts were more like Fifty Shades of Gray, disgusting the literary audience, all except for one creepy grinning man.

The excerpts described intimate scenes between the general and “dirty girl” Paula, and at one point had Petraeus suggesting they involve Jill Kelley, the socialite whose complaints of harassment triggered the scandal, in their trysts.

And then, on to Kelley. In a skit making fun of CNN, the show poked fun at the constant attention being paid to Kelley despite limited footage, showing the same brief video clip being discussed by Wolf Blitzer, played by Jason Sudeikis. The skit also featured guest host Jeremy Renner playing “self-declared” Tampa mayor “Derek ‘Fat Deuce’ Derek,” who really knew nothing about the scandal but said about Kelley and Tampa: “Tampa fun. Jill Kelley got a dress. She fun too.”

And to add insult to injury, “Weekend Update” anchor Seth Meyers called Kelley and the entire state of Florida “losers,” saying sordid sex scandals are like Jewish New Yorkers: “They always find their way to Florida.”