12 Photos of Typhoon Bopha Devastation — 41 Killed in Philippines

At least 41 people are confirmed dead after Typhoon Bopha tore its way through the southern Philippines on Tuesday, December 4.

Among the victims were soldiers and villagers in an army truck that washed away.

The storm struck the island of Mindanao, which suffered another deadly storm a year ago that killed nearly 1,200 people. The typhoon’s strength on par with a Category 5 hurricane, and it made landfall Tuesday morning.

Along with torrential downpours and floods, mudslides could be a major problem considering the fragile nature of many homes in the Philippines. Nearly 56,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and are staying at storm centers across the country.

Below are pictures from the devastation and images depicting the storm’s movement.

typhoon bopha damage

typhoon bopha tree down

typhoon bopha dog recue

women fleeing typhoon Bopha

typhoon bopha evacuation

phillipines typhoon damage

typhoon bopha precipitation

Typhoon Precipitation Map

typhoon bopha satellite image

Typhoon Bopha International Space Station

Image from International Space Station

typhoon bopha storm shelter

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