Report: Adam Lanza’s Dad Hadn’t Spoken with Him for 2 Years

adam lanza father peter lanza

According to a new report from NBC News, Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza had no communication with father Peter Lanza for two years prior to last week’s massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

The report, broadcast on the Today Show this morning, says Peter saw Adam every week after separating from mom Nancy in 2001. The parents divorced in 2009. Their amicable divorce agreement agreed on joint custody — along with a six-figure yearly alimony — with Adam living full-time with Nancy in her Newtown home. Peter, a director and VP for General Electric, fully funded the family’s expenses.

adam lanza father peter lanza

In 2010, a Peter was dating his future new wife, Adam cut ties with his dad. Peter hadn’t seen or heard from Adam from that time until he learned of the tragedy from a reporter waiting in his driveway last Friday in Stamford, Connecticut.

adam lanza father peter lanza

Adam began his rampage by shooting Nancy several times in the head before driving to the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he killed 26 people including 20 young children before turning a gun on himself. He used three weapons from his mom’s arsenal.

Surviving Adam and Nancy are Peter and their other son, Ryan. In the media confusion as the story unfolded, Peter at one point was reported dead, while Ryan was named as the killer.

Now, neither Ryan nor Peter has claimed the bodies of Adam and Nancy.