Apple Maps Error Directs Australians to Deadly 115-Degree Park

Apple Maps is at it again. Australian authorities issued a warning to Apple users over the weekend that an error in the iPhone’s map application was incorrectly directing users to a scorching desert-like national park instead of the city of Mildura, 44 miles away.

Apple, it’s time to leave the navigation to Google.

The announcement warned that the error could be life threatening, directing users to a park that reaches 115-degrees Fahrenheit at the hottest point of the day. Drivers were being directed to turn into Murray Sunset National Park, instead of going straight to Mildura. Police said that in the past two months, they rescued six people lost in the park who were trying to reach the city.

Mildura police inspector Simon Clemence doesn’t recommend Australian travelers to use Apple Maps.

“It’s quite a dangerous situation, so we would be calling for people not to use the new Apple iPhone mapping system if they’re traveling from South Australia to Mildura.”

Apple corrected the error today in response to the warning.

Apple Maps recently decided to do away with Google Maps and create their own mapping system, but it came with many errors compared to its well established competitor. Luckily, Google is developing a new map app for the iPhone that is set to return at the end of the year.

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