Google Maps Returns to iPhone after Epic Apple Maps Fail

google maps on iphone

A collective sigh is heardfrom the iPhone using world.

At long last, Google Maps is returning to iPhones and replacing Apple’s awful excuse for a mapping system that came with the updated iPhone operating system and ruined lives. Apple CEO Tim Cook even issued a public apology in response to the seriously criticized Apple Maps app.

Now, as The Daily News reports, three months after that tragic day when iPhones no longer came with a usable navigation app, Google has released a Google Maps iPhone app.

The new app, released late Wednesday night, immediately rose to the top of the free app list in the Apple App Store.

A review by CNN called the the Google Maps app “superb,” but not perfect. Even so, it wouldn’t have taken much to prove superior to Apple Maps.

And, of course, Apple is now being praised for swallowing their pride and allowing a far superior, though non Apple, mapping application on their phone.

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