How Kate Middleton’s Morning Sickness is Affecting the Gambling World

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Royal Baby, Paddy Power Odds.

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate the money they’re going to make gambling on their child, probably.

The news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy has really shaken up the UK’s betting houses, most notably Paddy Power. Now the details of her severe morning sickness are wreaking havoc with the odds.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, or H.G. as it’s known in medical circles, is a pretty rare condition, but now the whole world is talking about it. The New York Times spoke to Dr. Marlena Fejzo about the condition. Her indication is that the condition can be associated with twins and is slightly more common in women carrying female babies.

Right on cue, odds have been slashed on Kate having multiple births. The odds on twins are down to 8/1 (28/1 yesterday), triplets 50/1 (1000/1) — and odds on quadruplets-or-more have shrunken massively to 100/1 (5000/1).

Meanwhile, the odds on the child being female have dropped to 4/5, with odds on a male child moving up to 10/11.

Royal sperm

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