Master Hoaxer: Sandy Hook Shooter’s ‘Uncle’ is Also K-Fed’s ‘Brother’

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Jonathan Lee Riches, a convicted felon who went to Newtown, Connecticut, and pretended to be Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza‘s uncle, is also the guy who posed as K-Fed‘s brother Christopher to make claims that C-Fed is the true father of Britney Spears’ eldest son, Sean Preston, The Smoking Gun reports.

Riches was just arrested for violating his probation after he posted videos from his trip to Newtown on his YouTube page. His probation bars him from leaving Pennsylvania’s Eastern District.

Riches put on a show in Newtown, dropping to a knee and praying for the young victims after telling reporters that the killer had been taking the antipsychotic drug Fanapt.

jonathan riches lanza uncle

This same guy duped news outlets including RadarOnline [link removed] this week by posing as Kevin Federline’s brother, Christopher Federline, and accusing Britney Spears of stealing his credit card while claiming that he is the father of her older son, Sean Preston.

Radar even cited sources that said when Chris confronted Britney about it, she laughed at him and told him he had a small penis.

The National Enquirer’s[link removed] “bombshell” report noted that this supposed C-Fed was filing a request for temporary restraining order to keep Britney away from him.

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This lawsuit was dismissed two days later by a judge who noted that three other cases were filed by him this year, two of them under the name “Gino Romano,” in which he listed the Kardashians as defendants. In the third case, he posed as a “Jonathan Jolie,” supposedly Angelina Jolie’s cousin, and filed a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology for assaulting him.

Riches is also behind the federal complaint from October accusing Justin Bieber of stealing his credit card to pay for a penis enlargement, posing that time as Selena Gomez’s dad.

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The small-penis thing seems to be a recurring theme here.