Sandy Hook Mourners Evacuated After Man Calls in Threat to Church

Sandy Hook Elementary, Sandy Hook Massacre, church

Hundreds of mourners came to a Newtown, Conn. church today to mourn the victims of Friday’s unthinkable mass shooting that rocked the world to learn a second Mass was cancelled after some sick person called the church saying “I’m coming to kill, I’m coming to kill.”

Father Robert Weiss, of St. Rose of Lima Church, took to the pulpit to tell the hundreds who had gathered to grieve that “We have just been threatened. Mass has ended,” reports the New York Daily News.

Weiss said a parishioner answered the phone, and heard the man make the threat.

I went to the pulpit and said please quietly and calmly leave the church.

Weiss said the mourners were left confused and traumatized, and many children left crying. One parishioner, hysterical, said:

Who would do such a thing? In a place, a church, where people come to feel safe.

“Oh God, What is the world coming to?! added Theresa Teixeira, 56, also walking away. “We just wanted to come here and pray. The priest just just said there had been a threat and everyone had to go.”