WATCH: Video Captures Russian Plane Crash from Roadway

A Russian passenger plane crashed into a main road after missing the runway in Moscow on Friday, killing four crew members and severely injuring four others. A higher loss of life was averted because the plane was only carrying crew on a return flight from the Czech Republic.

The video above shows a view from a car driving on the road just as the plane crashed, shooting one of its tires at the car in front of the driver.

The plane split into several pieces upon impact. The dead included two pilots, a flight engineer and an air stewardess. An investigation of the crash led authorities to speculate faulty breaks as the cause of the crash.

“According to preliminary data, the pilots used all the brake systems available on the plane, but for some reason, the machine failed to stop and continued moving. Most likely, the cause was defective reverse engines or brakes,” an unidentified source told the Interfax news agency.

A light snow fell from the sky during the moment of impact. Russian media said authorities had concerns about the plane’s ability to land in various conditions, even before the crash.

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