WATCH: Girl with Cancer Could Die after Mom Yanks Her from Hospital

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A cancer-stricken girl with a catheter sticking out of her heart could soon die of infection because her mom yanked her from the hospital against doctors’ orders.

The search is on for the missing patient, known only as Emily, in Phoenix, Arizona. Above is CCTV footage from Phoenix Children’s Hospital that shows Emily’s mother sneaking her out of the facility. Emily is known to have been undergoing treatment for Leukemia, the treatment has already resulted her arm being amputated.

At first the girl is seen attached to an IV, which connected to a chest catheter. After disappearing off screen, Emily and her mother return in different clothes and without the IV. They walk out the front door and into a waiting black van.

Emily had been scheduled to be released from hospital on Thursday.

Missing Girl from Cancer Ward in Phoenix Arizona

A clearer photo of Emily, the missing girl.

Phoenix police spokesman Steve Martos said in a press conference:

There’s a pretty good chance of this child obtaining an infection. Once an infection starts, it could be just a matter of days, which could turn fatal.”

The catheter is likely to cause the infection due to it being disconnected from the IV. It’s a direct line to her heart.

Very little is known about the girl and her family. Her mother is known only as Norma, and her father as Luis. Fox News report that they have family in Mexico and San Jose.