• Study Suggests People with Type-O Blood Have Less COVID-19 Infections

    Two studies from the medical journal, Blood Advances, are suggesting that having Type-O blood may lead to better outcomes in COVID-19 positive patients.

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    President Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter the day after his COVID-19 diagnosis on his way to Walter Reed hospital, and he and the first lady are well.

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  • Philadelphia Reports 88 New COVID-19 Cases, 3 Coronavirus Deaths

  • Allegheny County, PA, Sees 83 New COVID-19 Cases, 1 Death

    An additional 83 people tested positive for the coronavirus in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania as of midnight September 17, and an additional person died, according to the latest data from the state Department of Health.

  • Pennsylvania Reports 933 New COVID-19 Cases, 10 Deaths

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    Tameshwar Ammar is a Long Island doctor who pleaded guilty Monday to prescribing oxycodone to a known drug dealer and a man with psychiatric issues.

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    Wellness products aren't just for Goop acolytes. They're for all of us. (Especially in a year like 2020.) Discover the best wellness products and wellness brands now.

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    An Immunotherapy research company is developing a treatment for COVID-19. Dr. Jacob Glanville explains the science and how it could work to help fight the virus.