• Jacoba Ballard Now: The ‘Our Father’ Sibling Is an Advocate Today

    Jacoba Ballard is an advocate today who is working to change laws that would criminalize actions like those of Dr. Don Cline featured on "Our Father." Ballard and more than 90 half-siblings were conceived through artificial insemination, and Cline used his own semen without the knowledge or consent of his patients, according to the Netflix documentary.

  • Dr. Don Cline: How Many Siblings Were From ‘Our Father’?

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  • Houston COVID-19 Report: Coronavirus Cases Drop to Lowest Number Since December [2/14/22]

    COVID-19 cases in the Houston area dropped to the lowest number since mid-December, the time when the omicron variant began spreading in the area, according to the latest data from health officials.

  • Houston COVID-19 Report: Mandates May Drop Along With Coronavirus Case Numbers [2/9/22]

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    Thummala Narsimha Reddy, an Indian actor and journalist best known by his initials, TNR, has died from COVID-19 complications.

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    Coronavirus death toll projections show an alarming rise by the end of 2020 and even into the spring of 2021.

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    Kamala Harris wrote a touching tribute to her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, and said she was grateful her mother was on Medicare when she was diagnosed with cancer.