Aurora Theater Shooter’s Freakish Self-Portraits Aired in Court

In the third day of the preliminary hearing for Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, prosecutors aired photos pulled from Holmes’ iPhone that allegedly show he cased the theater — showing possible premeditation of the massacre that killed 12 and injured 58 more.

The photos also include insane self-portraits that are all the more freakish when conveyed through artist’s drawings made during the court proceedings.

james holmes cell phone photos

In one, he maniacally sticks out his tongue. In another, he poses with a Glock pistol.

james holmes cell phone photo gun

Holmes’ phone included a photo of an exit door at the theater. Investigators believe he propped open such a door to make his entrance into the theater.

Another photos shows an array of powerful weapons arranged on a bed.

Earlier this week, prosecutors provided details of the arsenal Holmes amassed and the elaborate booby traps he set at his apartment.