Manhattan Ferry Crash Injures 74 — 2 Critical, 1 May Die

manhattan ferry accident

Via @TVMarci.

A commuter ferry made a “hard landing” at the Lower Manhattan pier this morning, injuring 74 people as the impact sent passengers flying. Two commuters are in critical condition, and one’s life is in danger from a head wound.

The New York Post reports the high-speed Seastreak Ferry smashed into Pier 11 — near Wall Street — around 8:45 a.m.

Live video showed several passengers carried off on stretchers, many with their necks immobilized. Many injuries are minor, but at least two victims suffered significant injury — including one with a head wound that required surgery.

Passenger Chris Avore tweeted as the incident unfolded:

The New York Times reports a “massive gash” in the side of the ferry, and the Post says the damage is on the “front, starboard” side. Mayor Michael Bloomberg arrived to inspect the scene and was photographed scrutinizing the damage to the ferry.

manhattan ferry crash

There was a massive rescue response from NYPD, NYFD and the Coast Guard. Nearly two hours after the accident, emergency workers were still removing the injured from the Ferry.

Seastreak ferrys run from Atlantic Highands and Conner’s Highlands, New Jersey, to Pier 11. There were 326 passengers aboard the Ferry that crashed this morning, captained by 36-year-old Jason Reimer.