Idiot Father Arrested for Claiming to Bring Gun to Elementary School

Ronald Miller

Ronald Miller is a Dallas-area father of a Celina Elementary School student. He is also a complete idiot. He is facing third-degree felony charges of making a terroristic threat because he went to his child’s school and threatened the superintendent claiming to have a gun in order to test school security.

He went to the school and told staffers he had a gun and his target was the superintendent. “He told them that he is a shooter and ‘you’re dead, and you’re dead,'” the superintendent told the media.

The staff froze in horror. He then revealed that this was a hoax to test school security and went inside to talk to the principal. The school knew he was a parent so they didn’t call police until after he left.

Because in the wake of the Sandy Hook Massacre and Taft High School Shooting it’s perfectly not crazy to walk up to an elementary school claiming to have a gun and that you’re going to kill people. There’s no way that could result in a panic that goes horribly wrong. Congratulations, sir, you’re an idiot.

(h/t NBC)