James Holmes Hearing: Cops Thought Aurora Shooter Was a Cop

james holmes hearing aurora shooting

Nearly six months after the massacre that killed 12 people at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, the case against shooter James Holmes got under way today with two cops testifying at Holmes’ preliminary hearing.

The court heard chilling testimony that detailed Holmes’ capture as well as the attempted rescue of victim Jessica Ghawi.

Officer Jason Oviatt, one of the cops who apprehended Holmes outside the theater, testified that he at first believed Holmes to be a police officer because of his armor and weaponry. But he noticed Holmes “was just standing there” and not moving with urgency, “so I held him at gunpoint.”

Holmes, who was standing by his car, put his hands up and complied with officers — though there was a handgun atop his the vehicle, within reach.

The cops stripped off Holmes’ clothing and body armor — down to his underwear — to make sure he wasn’t hiding additional weapons.

Reporters in court tweeted from the hearing — detailing Holmes’ capture and the gruesome death of his victims.