WATCH: PATH Escalator Speeds Up and Changes Direction, Injuring Five

The up escalator at the PATH train station in Jersey City abruptly reversed direction and sped up during 9 a.m. rush hour on Monday, causing some morning commuters to jump off mid-ride and injuring five people as they piled up at the bottom.

“There was a stampede at the base of the escalator,” rider Nick Lukish of Brooklyn said. “People started to panic and yell and scream, and I saw some people jump over to the down side of the escalator, so I jumped.”

Three of the injured were taken to the hospital. Fortunately, none of the injuries were life threatening out of the bumps, bruises and scrapes reported.

The video, taken by an amateur videographer, shows panicked commuters yelling “Stop! Stop! Stop!” as several male passengers are seen jumping off and hanging for dear life on the railing.

Two of the station’s three escalators were shut down after the incident. The cause of the malfunction is not known at this time.

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