WATCH: Huge Spotlight Falls and Strikes High School Wrestler

Michael McComish received stitches after a spotlight struck him during a wrestling match.

Michael McComish, 18, was in the middle of a wrestling match at Madison High School in South Dakota when a center spotlight plummeted from the ceiling and struck the wrestler on the head.

McComish was about 30 seconds into his match against an opponent from Chamberlin High when the fixture came lose and fell at just the moment to land on the teenager, who was in the “down” position in the center of the wrestling mat after restarting the match. McComish told the Today show that he at first thought his opponent had jumped on his back.

“I was thinking ‘Wow, this guy’s kind of aggressive,’ and then I realize it’s the light,” he said.

The teenager appeared to be fine as officials instantly picked the light off of him as he walked away, but he received stitches on his forehead and the back of his head. Despite the head injury, the wrestler expects to be back on the wrestling mat on Saturday for a tournament.

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