Sylvester Stallone Paid Half-Sister Millions to Shut Her Up

Stallone Payout

The New York Post has revealed that Sylvester Stallone, in the prime of his career, secretly paid his freak-show half-sister millions of dollars to hush her claims of abuse.

According to documents obtained by the Post, 26 years ago Stallone paid Toni-Ann Filiti $2 million plus $16,666.66 per month for her lifetime (which ended last year). He also agreed to give her $50,000 a year for psychiatric and medical bills.

Stallone’s sources claim that the settlement was simply a “shakedown” and that he was a victim of blackmail by a drug-addicted leech.

Stallone Half Sister

Filiti — who died last August at the age of 48 from lung and liver cancer — threatened to sue Sly over allegations of abuse. Stallone, now 66, settled with her out of court before her lawsuit was filed. Filti is tied to Stallone through his mother Jacqueline’s marriage to Anthony Filiti.

Stallone Family

The Post received comments from Jacqueline (above, center, at the premiere of Rocky Balboa in 2006) on the entire matter:

This was nothing more than a shakedown. Toni-Ann was on 65 Oxycontin pills a day, and she threatened Sylvester. A drug addict will do anything. When Sylvester became famous, she didn’t have to hook. He was trying to help her. He caved in. There were too many conflicting stories. At the time [in 1987] he was very hot, and his lawyers said, ‘Give her something just to shut her up.’

Edd, Filiti’s 19-year-old son (above, right), replied to Jacqueline’s accusations about his deceased mother, saying the family has painted her as a black sheep, but he believes she told the truth because she reiterated the claims of abuse while screaming on her death bed.

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