200 Dead Dogs Found in Man’s Backyard

dog remains

Pink flags marking where dog bones and carcasses were found.

Police in Berkeley County, South Carolina, discovered more than 200 dead dogs and more than 40 living dogs at a home in the town of Goose Creek on Monday.

Loney L Garrett,

Loney L. Garrett, the owner of the dogs, was taken into custody under the charge of ill treatment of animals.

Police say he made no efforts to bury the dogs, and some were found with bullet holes, as well.

Garrett’s stepdaughter is defending Garrett, saying he loved every animal he owned, though the sheriff’s office says this is likely the worst case of animal cruelty they have ever seen.

The investigation began two weeks ago when neighbors alerted police about an odor from the house and their suspicion of animal neglect. When police received more complains on Monday, they realized the severity of the case.

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