Are the Beckhams Pregnant Again? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fifth Beckham Baby Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant

The Internet is alive with the glorious rumor that Victoria Beckham is pregnant again with what would be her and David’s fifth child. The Beckham’s are already the proud parents of Brookyln (born 1999), Romeo (born 2002), Cruz (born 2005), and Harper (born 2011). Brooklyn and Romeo were both born in London, Cruz was born in Madrid, and Harper was born in Los Angeles. All of the children were born through voluntary Caesarean section.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s All Still a Rumor at This Point

Fifth Beckham Baby Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant

Beckham pictured with UK chat show host Jonathan Ross

The buzz online is all being based around some quotes that Beckham gave on the UK’s most popular chat show, The Jonathan Ross Show. Beckham told Ross on the taping:

Harper is 7 months now. I can’t even look at her without welling up. After having three boys, you just assume that you’re going to have another boy, but when we got told she was a little girl, it was amazing

We might have one more or two more, you never know. We’re not thinking about it yet, but if it happens, great… we’re busy people and we’re enjoying the four kids that we’ve got already and we’re lucky, we’re lucky to have four healthy children

2. Their last child was born in 2011

Fifth Beckham Baby Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant

So far the mega-rich couple’s only girl, Harper, was their last child born on July 10th, 2011. David announced the news via Facebook.

Harper’s full name is “Harper-Seven”, the seven being a reference to the number Beckham wore for Manchester United during the most successful phase of his soccer career.

3. The family has just relocated to Paris

Fifth Beckham Baby Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant

Late last year David announced he wouldn’t be renewing his contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy in the MLS and ended months of speculation by signing to Paris St. Germain in France. The extraordinarily wealthy Beckham and the extraordinarily wealthy soccer club should be a match made in heaven. The family are reportedly very happy living in the French capital.

4. Victoria said last year she would “never say never” when it comes to having another child

Fifth Beckham Baby Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant

In an interview with Glamor Magazine, the former Spice Girl said:

…never say never about another baby. It’s a juggling act — a career, family, a husband who’s busy. But I’d never say never!

5. Victoria has just been nominated for Celebrity Mother of the Year in the UK

Fifth Beckham Baby Is Victoria Beckham Pregnant

Along with Adele and Kate Middleton (who’s not a mother yet FYI Heat Magazine), Victoria is nominated to be Celeb Mother of the Year. Which must irk Victoria considering she already has four kids, whereas, Kate has none, and Adele has been a mother for about 20 minutes.