Snoop Dogg Plans to Teach 8-Year-Olds about Weed Smoking

snoop lion interview

In an interview with GQ, the man formerly known as Snoop Dogg talks about his reincarnation as Snoop Lion, his new album called Reincarnated, and his documentary, also called Reincarnated.

And weed. He talks a lot about weed.

Most notably, Snoop discusses his plans to read the book It’s Just a Plant: A Children’s Story of Marijuana to 8- and 9-year-olds on the pee-wee football team he coaches. And Snoop’s argument in favor of weed education for children? “It’s from the earth — it’s not some manmade shit. It’s actually growing from the ground straight to you, so it’s just like eating a vegetable. You know what I’m saying? Cancer and diseases that never had a cure, now all of a sudden you got people taking chemotherapy, and they’re also having a toke, and they live longer.”

If Snoop says it, it’s got to be true. The man averages 81 blunts a day, he wouldn’t mess up the facts.

As for his spiritual rebirth that led to him renaming himself Snoop Lion, he credits his time spent in Jamaica getting in touch with his inner Rastaman and realizing that he’s no longer Dr. Dre’s 21-year-old protege rapping about smoking weed, being a thug and killing people. Now, he’s 41 years old, has kids, and his songs are strictly about smoking weed. And the occasional hot pocket promo rap.

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