Loud Snoring Man Suddenly Dies on Plane to Salt Lake City

United Airlines, Man Dies on Plan

A passenger onboard a United Airlines flight suddenly died in his sleep after snoring loudly for about 20 minutes before landing. The passenger, a male who appeared to be in his 30s, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jared Noall, United Airlines, Man Dies on Airplane

Jared Noall.

Army Reserve medic Jared Noall was onboard the plane and said he and two others took turns giving the man CPR for a half-hour after they noticed something was wrong. It wasn’t until the plane landed that they realized the man wasn’t breathing.

Noall told KSL-TV:

You could tell something was wrong. I asked, ‘Hey, sir, are you awake?’ I shook him a bit, trying to see if I could get a response out of him. We checked his throat for a pulse, and it wasn’t there, so we laid him down in the aisle and start CPR.

Kevin MacIssac also was on the plane and said Noall and the two others did everything they could to revive the man:

They tried their very best; the family of the deceased man would be glad to know he did everything possible to revive him. It was sad to see the flight attendant remove his bag from the overhead rack — what shocking news for his family.

The man’s identity has not been released.

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