Airport Apologizes for Gleefully Posting Fatal Crash on Facebook

London Luton Airport Area

The London Luton Airport sparked outrage after an employee posted a picture on the official Facebook page of a plane crash that killed a child in Chicago in 2005.

Airport officials issued a press release apologizing for the blunder, promising to take action, according to BBC News.

London Luton Facebook

The employee enthusiastically posted the picture of the aftermath of the 2005 crash at Chicago’s Midway Airport, where a child in a car was killed by a plane that skidded off the runway during a severe snowstorm. The caption read, “Because we are such a super airport … this is what we prevent you from when it snows…Weeeee :).”

Chicago Plane Crash

The image, which was posted Wednesday morning, was removed from the Facebook page in the afternoon.

One user commented on the post saying, “This is so inappropriate and should be removed immediately, it is certainly not something that should be taken so lightly and made fun of.”

A spokeswoman issued an apology on the airport’s behalf stating that the post on Facebook was “wholly unacceptable and insensitive” and that steps were being taken to “guarantee this never happens again.”

The spokeswoman added that the staff member “made an honest but misguided mistake and clearly stepped over the line.”

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