Good Samaritan Rescues Man From Philly Train Tracks [VIDEO]

With all the subway deaths that have been happening lately, it’s nice to hear about one that was actually avoided.

Christopher Knafelc is being hailed as a hero after jumping to rescue a 63-year-old man who fell on the train tracks of a North Philadelphia subway station, reports

Knafelc was waiting for his train on a bench at the Cecil B. Moore station when he saw the man go down. Without out hesitation, the 32-year-old hero sprang into action and jumped down to the tracks to save him, knowing that a train would be arriving in just a few minutes. Knafelc was the only person that tried to help.

“I can’t imagine not helping someone in that situation,” Knafelc said.

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Train traffic was halted while the Philly hero held the man’s head and neck stable. Firefighters arrived and the victim was taken to a hospital where he is listed as in stable condition.

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