THIRD Carnival Cruise Ship Struck By ‘Technical Issues’

Carnival Legend

The latest Carnival cruise ship to get struck by “technical issues” – the “Legend.”

Another day, another case of a Carnival cruise ship experiencing “technical issues.”

This time, the Carnival’s Legend cruise ship was forced to cancel its journey across the Caribbean after a technical issue with the ship’s sailing speed surfaced.

Late on Thursday, March 14, the ship was forced to make a stop on the Grand Cayman Islands. The passengers on this ship will be reimbursed by Carnival with $100 credit, refunds on any pre-purchased shore excursions on the Grand Cayman Islands, and 50-percent off any future cruise.

The Legend will eventually head back to its origin point, the Port of Tampa, this Sunday. This planned seven-day cruise has come to an unfortunate, premature end.

Carnival Cruise Ship

Carnival gave an official statement to Daily Mail about what’s transpired on their cruise ship:

Legend is experiencing a technical issue with one of the ship’s Azipod units that is affecting the vessel’s sailing speed. The ship’s safety systems and hotel services are all functioning normally.Because of the reduction in sailing speed, today’s visit to Grand Cayman has been cancelled and the ship will proceed to its homeport of Tampa, where it is expected to arrive on Sunday as scheduled.

This story spells further trouble for Carnival, since this ship failure comes a day after the Dream went down and a month after the Triumph went down.

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